Tuesday, June 9, 2009


And I have a follower; be still my beating heart! Over the weekend I received a brand new nail polish, my second OPI by Sephora: 212-Sephora, a LE shade available at their Times Square location or online. I picked up two (Thank you, ebates for the $10 gift certificate you sent me when I signed up). Its neatness really shines in the Summer sun. The Nailphile has a swatch of it here. Sephora describes it as "smoky black with iridescent, gold and copper glitter." I see flakies, and not the goldfish kind so the chorus swells.

Lemmings (with swatches from my favorite blogs):

mattes (July 1)
Dare (July 15)

mattes (July 1)

Deborah Lippman (released sometime July):
10th Anniversary Trio
Marquee Moon
Party Like a Rockstar set

Mash (OOS)
Platoon (OOS)
Nars Single Eye Shadow in Tropic (from Summer 2009 collection)
Nars highlighting/bronzing blush duo in Hungry Heart (Spring 2009 collection)

Illamasqua (Note: Excellent customer service. If your desired color is OOS, send them an email and they can place you on a waiting list):

60 (website says it's not available for order, eh?)

Sally Hansen:
HD Opulent Cloud

New York Summer (for frankening purposes):
Hot Sky Blue

Kevin Beautymaker stuff. A plague on your house, Fuz

Urban Outfitters: (Got it. I have a wonderful SO)
Spy Glass Wall Art by Wary Meyers

Urban Decay Cream Eye Shadow in Grass
Dr. Scholl QTTO SLeepwear stockings M
St. Clara Sebum Treatment Set MP3

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