Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brand new love: iMomoko

Let me start off by prefacing that I bought something from today because of Fuzkittie.

I've been busy with summer session at my uni and I had planned on my next few posts to be about Fresh products. Brand Loyalty anyone? However, as I'm in the middle of baking cookies and salt caramels, I have to write this post. iMomoko has wonderful customer service!

Within a few minutes of sending an inquiry on whether or not AMEX is accepted (the footer says it is), a reply was sent clarifying that AMEX is accepted but only through paypal. And paypal woes begin once more. As soon as I sign in it asks me to update an old credit card. I cancelled and next thing I know I'm taken to the "Thank you for the purchase" page. Apparently paypal took it out from a spare bank account. Translation: not enough funds and I don't want to be slapped with a $40 overdraft fee.

A quick inquiry to iMomoko, and BAM! as Emeril Lagasse would say. My order was cancelled and I went ahead to re-order this time with AMEX (after I added it to paypal). I'm very excited about my minature haul.

Why I'm in love with iMomoko now:
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free shipping over orders of $50
  • Wonderful brands, reasonable prices and a partridge in a pear tree
  • Betty is amazing. Crotchfairy's a fan
In addition to Fresh reviews, I also have one planned for... Sisley's Emulsion Ecologique


  1. yeah Imomoko is great! anyways, I agree with you Essie nail polishes are great~ I love them too =)

  2. Hi Ana,

    I've been a slient follower on your blog for quite some time now. I love your blog and your makeup tips. I took your (and many other beauty blogger's) recommendation to order from Imomoko.

    Do you know another way to contact anyone from imomoko? I had an issue with fraud on my credit card and I emailed imomoko customer serivce so many times but they haven’t responded to my emails. I need to see if there are any other ways for me to contact them directly. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed and frustrated in their customer service : (

    Please advise. Your help is greatly appreciated.